Saturday, March 24, 2012

On a hot day in March

Since this recent heatwave was a historical event I feel inspired to post some thoughts and photos.
Some people relished the HEAT on March 22nd , I was not impressed. Not only did I find it too hot to work in my garden but in general am scared of this global warming.
I did go out and recorded the progress of nature's awakening so early in my yard.

We installed the pump and filter early this year. The fish seemed eager to start their feeding.

The ducks are still coming to visit , but will soon make their nest by the river and raise their babies


The crocus are still in full  bloom but did not care for yesterdays strong wind


There are even some edible yummies growing in my garden. I love Sorrel. It  is a very hardy perennial and wonderful in salads and on sandwiches. Next to it's very hardy partner the Chives, they are a lovely early treat for my sandwich.

Just to make my sandwich even better, which is by the way made with my own whole wheat bread with wheat germ added, I sprout seeds especially in Winter.

These are broccoli Sprouts.And this is my delicious sandwich:

The bushes and trees are budding nicely, Forsythia , lilac and pussy willow.

and even the first frog dared to come out of hibernation.He looks very sleepy still and thinks he made a mistake. Since it is freezing again , he has disappeared for another while.

We will get through the next snowfall and keep enjoying nature as it presents itself. .

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Adorable Michael David

I don't have too many new posts, because I never have much to say.
But I have seen very small blogs and so I think it's ok. to make a very small post just once.
 I do this , because the birth of little Michael David Pittman, on Thursday , 8th of March 2012  is so very important and exciting.
And I want to share this happy event with my family and friends.
Bob and I visited the happy parents, Alyssa and Jeremy Pittman and baby on Friday and took some photos. Some of them are not very good quality because we turned off the flash .It might have been too bright for the baby.
The visit was a wonderful experience . Mom and baby are doing well. And look at that happy and proud Dad!!