Monday, March 7, 2011

My winter activities

    I have really enjoyed this winter.
We have had lots of snow. Lots of photo opportunities. We enjoy the crackling fires in the woodstove after a crisp walk with Abbie. It's usually a very slow walk as she is getting old. Knitting socks. Reading good books. Not watching T.V.  Sketching.
After many years of hibernation, Quilt emerged to finally be quilted. I won't get it all done this year, but certainly enjoy this leisurely past time.




 I also experimented in a few little sketches




  Sometimes I am not sure who is painting the pics

last but not least... the winter has been lovely , but I can't wait to dig  .
A day after this photo was taken  the snow melted and new life is emerging..

Friday, February 11, 2011

Winterwonderland at Branch La Have

From Lovely warm Tonga to lovely cold Branch La Have.
Since only my family really look at these,I want to show them that we did have a lovely winter this year. A lot of people are complaining by now that it has lasted too long.
The snowbanks are humongous , the driveways and walks have been icy, school has been closed a lot.yes, it is hard for older people to get around.
But as a Photographer I never get tired of winter. I love the cold air and the snow covered paths to the river. I love the reflections the trees make on the snow. I love the crunching of snow under my boots.
I just simply stay clear of the things people complain about. There is no need to get depressed. Just go and shovel some snow .. and some more ...and take some pictures.