Saturday, November 28, 2009

Collards and Kale

I can't believe it, I'm still harvesting my most favourite, prolific crops in my humble organic garden,


There are many ways to prepare these healthy veggies.
Our favourite way follows in pictures.

Yummy!!  Very simple to make.Wash well, cut into thin strips, put in pan with one cut up onion, 4 crushed  garlic cloves, olive oil, a little water, a little salt and pepper.
Cook for about 20 min.

Guess what: organic gardening  invites all kinds of  guests. Hard to believe how this one survived the many frosty nights we already had.
This may disgust many of you. But its just a fact of life. I rather wash my veggies a few more times than eat chemicals, any time.

Last but not least, this is our 20 year old Sam,  my constant supervisor in the garden.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Autumn Beauties

I love the last splendour of Autumn brought forth by flowers and their visitors,fruit and veggies. I guess there is also beauty in a dark , drizzly day like today. Just have to find it. It is so good to reminisce with the help of these memories.

This is Gnossos. I am so new at this , and really don't know yet, what I am doing. Just learning.

Happy Girls

Beach Babes