Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Overdue Activities

Where do I find time to do a blog?
These activities are slightly outdated, and new photos are waiting to be recorded. .But I intended to show you the life of this gardener throughout the year.
This very windy and rainy day is perfect to finally create this blog.

 I created a little resting place near the new fence  to relax and watch the seedlings grow..

the wheelbarrow is waiting to add compost to the raised beds.

Michael David came for a visit

Great grandpa Bob and Michael David

Mommy Alissa and baby

Seeds raised on the windowsill are now moved to grow frame


cuke raised on window sill.

seedlings in the growframe


I have grown

The mayflowers were blooming lovely


Hi there, I like it here. Lots of worms !!

some special early bloomers

lady's mantle

on April 6th I planted  beets , carrots , radish, spinach, lettuce  in the garden.

ever helpful Bob is fixing the protective cover.

the lovely marsh marigold

last but not least: Heffy watching TV

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sorry, you dear deer !!

We love deer.They are beautiful creatures. We love them even after they have finished off  kale and broccoli, pruned all the strawberries in very early spring, jumped over the electric fence, and eaten some of my shrubs.
So up goes the new  6 foot fence.
Trying to be as economical as possible, it is not the most beautiful looking fence. But it is a labor of love and brings us peace of mind. Or does it? They would not jump, would they?

I am digging up the sod along the new fence  for my pole bean row. I visualize scarlet runners and the new purple and pink beans adorning the fence and attracting  the hummingbirds.

Bob is making the gate.

Every year the patio bricks grow an unsightly garden. We discovered this fantastic tool to scrape the vegetation.

I transplanted this "dead" rose bush ,showing some green growth , into the new garden. Might grow!!

Bob cleaning the natural pond .

The solarium is still a lovely place to be in on these cold mornings.

The ever present cats. we love them!!

And my really nice heirloom seeds from Pumpkinmoonfarm have arrived.
Until next time..

From the diary of a happy gardener.