Saturday, November 9, 2013

Harvest time

The end of a wonderful season.The harvest is done ,except for the wonderful hardy Kale which will feed us for a long time yet.

I have not yet discovered how to organically combat the worms in my apples.They look gorgeous, but usually only a small part of the apple is worm free.

we have been eating lots of crumble

just so pretty!!

the best crop this year were the variety of beans.

Every year I collect blossoms and leaves to make my own tea blend.

love the Basil. It grew quite nicely this year

Only two Kohlrabi :(  the broccoli, Brussel sprout, Kohlrabi Zucchini and Squash were a disaster.Only 2 Kohlrabi

The Brandiwine is my favorite Heritage tomato

I hade enough to make a few bottles of Salsa.

I love the Elderberry. I freeze them and they join Blueberries Raspberries and ground cherry on my porridge.

The blueberries were nice this year as well.

Corn was a disappointment.It looks lovely and surprisingly had no worms.No wonder!! It was not sweet, though I bough the sweet corn seeds.

Perpetual Spinach. What a gem!!It is still growing and making lovely Smoothies.

 The grapes were plentiful


made 15 bottles of lovely grape juice.

we had some med. size beets with lovely tops

the raspberries are my favorite.


these are Fall Raspberries , so nice to have this time of year.

Since we have 2 dogs we don't have Squirrels  ,hence: we have pears this year.

Just a very few peppers

and this is the last harvest

ending this wonderful harvest and being very grateful for it with a bouquet of Calendula.

There is more to come. The next blog is right around the corner.