Friday, July 27, 2012

Berries , Berries and more berries.

July, the month of the lilies

Yeah , it is raining!! Finally time for the new blog. What a treat, that the garden is watered by heaven. This 
month has been a month of beautiful berries and the occasional veggie. The carrots lack water. The onions would not grow. But the tomatoes and cukes are developing fabulously. Amazingly, the prolific Zucchini is doing very poorly. Off course Kale and Collards are the stars in the garden. The supposedly Climbing Purple Beans do not climb. But the Scarlet Runners are in a race to reach the top of the new fence. Flowers are declining, but the Humming Birds still find plenty of nectar in the Runner Blooms , the Bee Balm, the flowers of Hosta, and the Lilies and wild flowers. Here are some pf my photographic highlights .....

And the month of the berries..

  red currants




black currant

blueberries just beginning to ripen

  welcome visitors

the lovely Rudbeckia

harvesting the first veggies

can't wait for them to turn red

Bachelor Button

i love those bees

this is our little friend Caper.We were going to be a happy family , were it not for our darling cats who are scared to death of Caper. I am devastated to have to part with him again. He is a sweet dog.


purple pole beans that would not climb

one last Clematis

 white Echis , another of my favorites

 Kohlrabi, another lovely veggie

don't know what these lovely flowers are called


Cordell was visiting

cukes are ready.

my daily harvests are not very big, but yummy

the farmer across from me harvested his hay

Julia blowing out her birthday candle

these are blossoms off my Linden Tree. I dry some for delicious tea.

wonderful Kale

I felt like painting sheep

Michael and Alyssa were visiting

 Love these clouds

 and this is the garden at the end of July

It has been a great month and exciting to record all the wonderful happenings in this photo gardening blog. Until next time!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glorious June

We are well into July. I have two choices, devote most of my time to the garden or spend it at the computer.
Since it was raining today , and I don't have to water, and the sugarpeas have just been frozen, I can finally do my blog.

The flowers have been fabulous this year.

sadly , there are hardly any bumble bees around this year.

 Only one Swallowtail visiting

I love poppies at all stages.

sadly , it's not all about taking pretty pictures. Cleaning the pond is hard and messy work

Christina and Cordell were visiting ( my granddaughter and great grand son)

beauty after the rain

Christina and family

more iris

lovely waterlilies and frogs this year

another opening poppy

Spinach end of may turned into a yummy Qiche

 Bob mows the lawns and I do the whipper snipping

 Christinas baby well on the way

  another visit of my swallow tail

The  first picking was great, the rest was skinny.

a zucchini bloom

tomatoes well on their way

 we are harvesting lovely sugar peas

 I really don't like these destructive fellows, but they are cute

Bob is being helpful after a stormy day tying up my foxglove

the apples are doing well

how pretty is that?

the bud has opened

this little guy was very shy

I lost my tail, all grown up!!

garlic scapes sauteed in olive oil and sprinkled with parmesan is delicious.

here is the first lily

above Allyssa my other lovely grand daughter  and our great grand son Michael

and below the end of the  lovely poppies.

 This is part of my garden at the end of June.

As I said , I I have lots more picture stories to tell, but this blog is long enough. It has been a lot of fun recording the life of my plants in this month garden Journal.
Until next month!!