Monday, March 4, 2013

February, a great month!!

Here I am again, the infrequent blogger.
February presented some lovely photo opportunities , especially with gifts of plentiful , beautiful snow, creating adorable winter wonderland scenes.
Yes , I am still dreaming of spring. The seeds have been sorted, the starter kits bought.
This morning , I heard the birds singing. Spring is in the air.
But I will miss the leisurely time doing what I cannot do , once spring starts. I will miss sitting by the wood fire , reading , knitting and dreaming. I will miss the crisp winter walks through the snow.
Yet I love the change of the seasons. Here are some past highlights of winter.

When we can't have flowers outdoors , we love them indoors.

Our March 1st , 10 cm snowstorm.

the sun was setting, it was minus 10 , the birds were lovely

I keep them blooming and cut my geraniums down  the end of March.

Mom ventured out. Brr, it was cold!!

we love the doves and they love us and their free meals.

not sure who came to drink at our pond. The pond heater leaves a small open hole and water is available to all creatures.

Especially Fritzchen loves to live here.

one of my projects this winter was to organize all photos in Albums. Mom was a great help, remembering all those dates.

the white orchid is splendid this year.

and so is this little sweetheart

these are from a previous snow fall


we don't have a snow blower. So my poor Bob cleans the whole driveway and many paths by hand.

got to love the sweet chickadees

the February painting

our beloved pair of ducks came back the end of February

supper time!!

what can be cuter!!


more orchids

Mom is daring a walk in the snow

no words


this is my own tea blend. All organic.

quilting time

plenty of food to be had around her

the birds love these old quince apples


our beautiful Gnossos

so long , .....until next time.