Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Few and far between

This year is coming to an end and so are the abundant photo opportunities.I am writing this on our first day of snow.. slush.. rain. It is Dec. 19. 2012.
Though I like winter, I am dreaming of spring, of the awakening of new life. I marvel at the buds which are already present on trees and bushes and can never understand how such tender life can endure subzero temperatures.
I am dreaming of scents and colors of songbirds and butterflies. I know they will return.

I will start with a flower and our visit in Germany in October with my daughter Julia.

the visit was largely a family affair and there are not too many sightseeing photos.

a very beautiful spot with wonderful memories . 

happy moments with my sister's family

on the train to Dresden ,going to Poland.

Julia , my Mom and I traveled by train to Dresden where Eric picked us up and we continued by car to Krakow.

so happy to find bees in Poland. They are more abundant they than here.

There are fabulous buildings in Krakow, which fortunately were not destroyed in WW2

Julia , Eric and Ewelina

our adorable grandson Adrian

garden party at Maria's garden

a friend I met

back home again. It was a wonderful trip. We brought my 93 year old Mom back with us and I find , as I always do after having been away, that home is the best place in the world.

and the happiest place for me is in my garden. I decided to incorporate the manure I get from the farmer across the street into the earth in the Fall this year. My garden was not the greatest last year.  Hopefully this will do the trick :)

Kollareds and Kale still lovely and can stay well into winter


my neatly dug up garden.

these are the last flowers. 

Great Grampy and Cordell.

looks like I have fun shoveling manure

and my Mom is enjoying the sunshine while cleaning Kale

great great Grammy and Hunter

these are all the beets I harvested. Sad!! Hopefully better next year.

and these are the only two pears that grew. Unfortunately the became dinner for the squirrel. 

Calendula, the last bouquet from the garden

We celebrated Sue's birthday at her house. Friends forever!!

the garlic is in , the wood is in, the winter can begin. 

a leisure moment to read the paper

She is 93 but still raking leaves. That's my Mom!!

we celebrated Christ's birth in Brian's barn.

with sheep and chickens and a calf present

and Sue let me wear her ancient costume

this year of blogging has been fun. Maybe the winter will even present itself with lovely photos and happy family gatherings. Looking forward to 2013.