Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dream time.

Yes, I am dreaming of Spring.
Don't get me wrong, winter does not affect me negatively. I love winter. I don't get cabin fever. I don't mind dreary days. I love the wood stove  and snowstorms and the beautiful pictures snow paints on everything. I love walking in the snow and I can't wait to get my puppy to walk with me.
But I am dreaming of spring. I sneaked a look at some exciting new seeds in the organic seed sections. I watch the little buds swelling on my trees . I wonder how earthworms and garlic bulbs are doing  under their snowy blanket. I am designing the fenced yard for my puppy in my head. I just can't wait . In the meantime there are so many exciting projects on the go, and spring might be catching up with them before they are done. Life is good!

Lets start with Christmas. Tyler brought me a wonderful Charlie Brown tree right from the woods. I loved it

some special ornaments

our Halifax family came for boxing day dinner

my Mom made the most delicious potato salad

a photo experiment.

we were so happy to receive a belated gift from my sister in Germany

just a beautiful branch

Christina , Tyler , Cordell and hunter were visiting.We had another yummy turkey dinner.

 lots of birds are visiting the feeders.Love these Chickadees!!

 what a sweet family!

This is one of the many deer trails across our property. 


definitely deer prints!!

We named him Fritzchen. he ois the boss of this feeder.

Love those shadows the sun paints.

 I was so excited about the first snow that I took some pics at night.

Sorry , no flowers in winter, but some bushes are just as beautiful.

 I love my Gnossos

Michael is so adorable with his new glasses

My solarium is my garden in winter


this is great great grandma Hilde with Michael and grandma Julia.

some winter beauties

like I said, I never get bored. I really feel like painting sometimes or tying a new recipe.

a new experiment: keeping carrots outdoors under a thick blanket of straw.

very ornamental  in the lonely garden of snow!

lonely as well !!

leave this one up to your imagination.

playtime at Nanny's.

My Mom and Bob unwrapping gifts.

May there be peace on earth and may we learn from our animal friends to love one another.

Until next time