Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Doggy fun at Crescent Beach.

There is almost nothing more enjoyable ,than to watch a bunch of happy dogs running with each other at a lovely Crescent Beach. It had been a gorgeous day and many others had the fantastic idea for an outing. There were all kinds of dogs and dog parents to enjoy this lovely day and to watch their pets interact and run with one another.I am Bailey , and I had a wonderful day.

The water must have been icy cold but that did not stop them from playing in it.

tons of nooks and crannies to investigate

not sure if this is a jump or a pee

Crescent Beach is long  has nice firm sand  and is just wonderful to run on.

back home for more fun

I  think I am a bit tired from all this fun. Really not used to it.

I enjoyed meeting my friend Kajou.

Time for a much deserved drink.

so long,until another visit.