Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy may gardening

Brrrrr, it's cold today.
What happened to our beautiful month of May. Thankfully I recorded just how beautiful it was and hope that the veggies won't freeze tonight. Got them covered , just in case.

The Japanese Cherry  and Crabapple were gorgeous this year.

This year I am adding Dandilion to my home collection of tea. The much misunderstood Dandilion is not only beautiful but very healthy.

Christina , Tyler and Cordell came to visit.

Plants have moved from Grow frame to shed

Harvesting asparagus

Halo there, I live here and can't wait for the waterlilies to bloom

Lilacs bloom and are visited by very colorful bumblebees

Just after I planted the Kale and Broccoli outdoors,  I went on a lovely one week vacation to Cape Breton with two German friends

beautiful scenery, a wonderful time!!

on coming home all plants were thriving beautifully



lettuce and onions
and me harvesting the first radishes

some lovely May bloomers

Life is good !!

not to forget , the ever present cat

and thus end the gardening journal for may 2012

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Falling Behind

I can't keep up with these plants. Their growth rate seem to exceed my thought patterns and time line.
Wonderful things happened in April. Visitors of animals and human kind. Beautiful Blooms.

these cukes have spent their month in the grow frame

Bachelor buttons and Zinnias

and more

big patches of violets all over the lawn.

during the warm spell we harvested 5 asparagus, the next 5 died in the night frost. Better times ahead , I hope.

Photographer at work. I love my Nikon.

This Admiral Butterfly came for an early visit.

Great grandma,Grandma and little Michael David.

triplets?? Notice the mosquito on his left shoulder.

in the mood for painting daffodils and penguins


grand daughter Christina and Cordell came for a lovely visit.

  My Bob had his birthday. Happy new year Bob!!

It's cold enough , but not wet enough for these little seedlings to grow

the new deer fence has been very effective.

the very photogenic tulip

one very big rain drop

kissed by the setting sun

the inner life of a tulip

radish planted 6th of April outdoors, pic taken 24th of April. It is possible to start early.


  there are so many more beautiful flowers

but I will end my Gardenere's journal with our beautiful cat Gnossos.