Sunday, August 11, 2013

I have not been doing a monthly post , so this is a mixture of lovely summer memories.

in the middle odf August the bumblebees and some bees are finally arriving feasting ob all the flowers.

 a little harvest

we had a lovely visit wit Sue

Blue and Sue

our son Tom came to visit 

Clematis and Rudbeckia

lovely close ups

Blue profile

my nose is always dirty

another daylily


this will be a lovely sunflower

can't forget the foxglove

little strawberry harvest

am I gorgeous?

in muddy waters

love my sweet Bailey

my two lovely Doodles

the lilies were fabulous

so were the rudbeckia

Zinnia and Echenicia

the garden in early summer

this used to be the pond


sugar peas


emerging Zinnia

play time


our wood has arrived.

plenty of geraniums in my planters

Echies in evening light

the two lovely ones

My latest painting of little will Whiting contemplating life at the beach

so long for now. Hope to be more diligent creating the next blog.

Plenty of Summer Fun

This has been a summer full   everything. My computer is filled with pictures. No  time for blogs , no  normality in my life. Raising Blue and Bailey has taken up most of my time. It has not been easy , but it was worth it.I love those furry Doodles. Did manage  to grow a garden.Some things grew and some did not. But who worries about that anymore. On with the blog then....

Flowers are still my favorite subject. Sadly , this year there have been very few insects, especially early on.

Blue and Bailey have a contemplative moment


and they discovered Heffy, who enjoys outdoor life since the dogs arrived.

the squirrils seem to have disappeared  since we have the dogs. But plenty of baby birds have been born and are enjoying the summer feeder.

Bailey at 14 weeks

beautiful Blue

The iris have been beautiful as well

wow, another bug!!

Not sure what insect this is

and along came the lilies , which were as lovely as the iris

plenty of roses

this is one of my favorite photo


just pretty


Momma spider

Mr. Bailey

poppies and anemonies


love these colours

we still have the natural little pond

the lovely Rudbeckia , the most prolific plant in my garden

have to love the poppies

I planted very few plants in planters.

our house in early summer

next summer blog to follow shortly