Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May Happenings

May has been a fantastic month. Blue and Bailey certainly add  entertainment to our lives.They are fantastic dogs with very different personalities and a few quirks  we have to iron out.
The garden is coming to life. The weather has been great except for the 3 days with over 30 Degree Temps. Dogs and I don't like heat.Back to normal temps and very pleasant weather.

I had raised these seedlings in small pots in the house. Then they were put in the shed and gradually hardened to go outdoors. At this stage I brought them in every night.

I am very proud of my garlic

 on cooler days and at night plant go into shed

lettuce and radish

this has been the year of the violets.They were in adorable abundance everywhere.

 my Mom called them " my violets"

Mom and Bailey

it was also the year of the tulip. Never were they as pretty.

my friend Ingrid and I

My friend Ingrid came from France to visit for a week . It rained all week :(  yet in between thos showers we managed to see some beautiful sights . Here is Lunenburg.

the tulips loved the gentle rain.

Julia and Mom on a stroll through Lunenburg


raindrops are my favourite

at Crescent Beach

at Green Bay

at Blue Rocks

first outing to the beach

the bleeding hearts were lovely as well

My Mom's farewell party.I do have a very large lovely family.I am very blessed.

great pals Blue and Bailey

My lovely babies

Bob and the boys

this was a month of plenty. I also got a lovely new Subaru.

fun at the beach

another look at Green Bay

submitting this one to the gallery

Julia and Mom in front of Lunenburg Academy

also submitting this one to the gallery

Mom and Cordell

my lovely little Bailey

like silver beads

2 friends

I never tire of tulips

the strawberry crop looks promising

Tired of tulips yet??

intresting way to start seedlings

my pretty girl

caught at Blue Rocks

Sadly,  my Mom has gone home. We had a wonderful 7 months with each other. She loved the puppies and she loved the gardens.This ends a wonderful month with wonderful people and wonderful puppies. 
Life is just wonderful.