Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exciting happenings

So many good things have happened. I am so blessed. We were anticipating the birth of our new pupppy. On the 9th of March Kellys puppies were born.

Now which one of those sweet little pups would be ours?

This is our little Bailey  at three weeks old

We have always raised two dogs together . So we decided to add lovely Blue to our family.

I am not sure who looks more apprehensive? First time holding his baby.
We visited Sue Wilde , the breeder a few times. I love those Doodles.

Puppy Love!!

and more puppy love

I enjoyed painting those horses so much that I had to do a second version.

Bailey a little older

Last visit to Sue's with my Mom and Bob

We decided to fill in the pond. It was a sad thing to do. But all the fish had miraculously disappeared. ( no dead bodies) And we did not want the puppies to constantly be wet.Here is scooping out the last dirt on the bottom.

With all the puppy excitement, I did not take too many spring pics. But spring has been wonderful  and I raised a big grow frame full of little seedlings. But that is the next blog.

My dear Mom is still with us and tries very hard to help.

she really loved the visits to the valley.

The pond is now filled and will be a lovely little herb garden

Found a lovely little bunch of May Flowers in our little woods

My latest painting is exhibited at the Art Gallery in Lunenburg this month

the 2 brothers Blue and Bailey , what a joy they are!!

Now the  photo fun begins. The tulips are at their best.

This is the puppies first week at their new home. They love the outdoors.

 I am pretty gorgeous too


love those insides of tulips

Life would not be right without the ever present squirrils.

This is it for today. Life is good!! Until next time.