Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some of my recent winter activeties

I have not created a blog in a long while. So I thought it was about time to have my family and friends far and wide see what I have been up to. Not too much!! After all , it's hibernation time. My busy gardening  will arrive too soon. So I am enjoying my leisure time a lot, doing this and that.
I have inherited a lovely single reflex Nikon Camera from my dear brother and love it. not too many photo opportunities in the winter. After all I am a flower girl.
Here are some winter scenes from our last surprise snow storm



Bob and I love to go on our daily walks. The highlight is usually visiting the barn which is now housing the animals for winter. They don't look very happy and long for spring. We try to rub them and talk to them for a while.

Since I always strive to eat healthy food, I am always on the lookout for new things to make . With the help of my dear friend Sue I discovered Kale chips .  We love them. The apple chips are already a staple in the winter and so are the sprouts.   

this year I have put painting on the back burner and delved into crafts. While in Germany I started knitting socks and scarfs. And I actually got out my sewing machine  to attend a little project at church  making Valentines runners. Sadly ,I had forgotten how to thread a bobbin but it all came back quickly and I enjoyed the project immensely. The scarfs and the socks are making very slow progress.I usually only knit when on vacation. But eventually they too will get done. 

Last , but not least here is proof that I have not given up on painting . I have not produced a single real picture , but I have made a few sketches  just so I won't get all rusty.