Friday, August 31, 2012

A fantastic Summer

In a way this Summer has been crazy. I don't like the heat and working in the garden has often been very unpleasant. I spent most of my time watering in various ways. Usually the pitchfork is holding the hose and doing the job for me.
 The poor little plants got some moisture, but it's just not the same as rain. And needless to say, I focused on the most important plants to me.So the corn and tomatoes fared the best.
The broccoli never developed a big head , the Zucchini, , usually the most prolific plants died. I am still waiting for the Brussel sprouts to get little  sprouts. The Kale and Collards are tall and green, bless their little hearts. They have been the most neglected and  blessed me still with beautiful plants.
Overall, it has been fun. The deer did not jump the fence and the Racoons have left me with lovely ears of corn. This has not been a great month for flowers. But the Painted Lady Butterflies have been visiting in great numbers and the Monarch visited twice

American Painted Lady

The Brandywine Tomato is my favorite. Very odd looking, but oh so juicy!!

A new crop of lettuce and radish at the end of August

Mr .Bat came to visit

The Joe PyeWeed a gread attraction for bees and butterflies

Painted Lady

Garlic hanging up to dry in the barn

 Bob taking a stroll through the garden

this is definitely a month of butterflies

the rat , the mice the chipmunks or the squirrels are eating most of my treasured ground cherries.

this is how big the brandywine gets


Bob loves his cat

it's getting ready!!

only few flowers left

and I still find time to paint a picture

or two

since my trees don't get sprayed, most apples drop . Lots of applesauce and cut up apples  frozen for crumble.

we love elderberries and eat them on top of our porridge along wit all other berries.

this was the first Monarch visiting

 a tranquil little place

 the inner beauty of a lily

we have had gorgeous sun sets

Mother mouse had 5 little ones in a small wooden barrel in my cedar shed.

2 wonderful friends

this is the Salsa I made from those wonderful Brandywine tomatoes

part of my small potato harvest

my garden in August

staining my deck

my beautiful garden

yummy, yummy!!

I love you

Until next month !!